Testimonials from Instructors

Our profession of decorative painting is in dire need of people like Michelle who strives for excellence, and who understands the importance of training with masters in the field. And because of her inherent talent and acquired artistic sense, I know that Michelle will go very far in this profession.

—Michel Nadaï, Decorative Artist, Teacher, Author of Art and Techniques: Decorative Painting, Recipient of "Best Craftsman of France," And owner of Atlier Nadaï in France

...I have had the pleasure to teach nearly 2000 students. Michelle is easily in the top 5 in regards to both talent and...in the desire to grow as an artist.

—Caroline Woldenberg, Decorative Artist, Teacher, and Owner of The Finishing Source, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia

Michelle Garlock of Master Peace Painting has worked very hard and gone the extra mile for her craft. Her technique is refined and distinctive...

—Nicola Vigini, Decorative Artist, Teacher and Owner of Vigini Studios in San Antonio, Texas

...she has shown all the qualities required to be successful...she has the motivation...she has the skills...

—Pascal Amblard, Decorative Artist, Teacher, and Owner of Amblard Studios in France

Michelle has always made the most the most of her...studies, combining her innate talent and intelligence with an openness to new ideas.

—Robert Marx, Decorative Artist, Teacher, Co-author of Professional Painted Finishes, and Owner of The Finishing School in NYC