Master Peace

Painting & Construction

Master Peace

Painting & Construction

Art Instruction

Michelle offers both private and group art instruction in person and online. These classes are tailored to the clients’ skill level and interests.

Private Art Lessons

Private Art Lessons are offered to individuals from 8 years old and up. Lessons are offered onsite at Michelle’s studio. Lessons are tailored to the interest and experience of the student. Michelle’s philosophy is that anyone can draw and create art. She helps the individuals find the artist within themselves through teaching them techniques that are understandable and doable. Her main goal is to teach her students how to “see like an artist” so that they can be confident when creating works on their own. 

Group Art Lessons

Group Art Lessons are offered for up to 8 students at a time. The focus and length of these sessions are tailored to the desire of the clients. Some groups who have taken advantage of this option are families that would like to learn together, homeschool groups and similar aged students.  

Online Classes

Online Classes are offered to individuals and groups that would prefer to take classes from home or who are unable to travel to the studio. These classes are tailored to the interest and skills of the students. 

Specialty Lessons

Specialty Lessons are available to groups or individuals who would like a hire Michelle to lead a one-time class to create a finished piece of art. Some of the groups who have taken advantage of this are birthday parties, women’s groups, church groups, bridal showers, family groups, summer art camps, lessons at libraries and other organizations.